seven-storey office building | 11 935 m2
2021 | 2022


 | Tauri Tikerpe

The aim of the seven-storey copper-coloured commercial building on the north side of Tammsaare Road, on the territory of the former Tondi military town, is to offer a complete urban spatial, architectural and landscape architectural solution that would form a coherent whole with the existing public space. A user-friendly and dignified urban space will be created around the building, offering users convenient new connections and traffic routes.

The shape of the building is based on the shape of the plot and the structure of the surrounding streets. To make the overall impression smoother, the corners of the building with a triangular ground plan are rounded. The entrances are highlighted by canopies, the ground floor steps back from the perimeter of the building to provide shade and scattering space in front of the entrances and to create a more airy and lighter impression. Landscaped balconies divide the facades as columns on all three sides of the building, and a third of the roof area is planned for the terrace.

The ground floor of the building hosts the main entrance with a lobby and commercial premises, the office premises are located on floors 1 to 6 . The floors allow the flexible division of space into up to five different offices. Technical and service rooms as well as the parking spaces for bicycles and cars are located on the underground floor.