28 apartments | 3752 m2
2019 | 2020


The building at Tuukri 25, located on the edge of Kadriorg, is an architectural bridge between the Kiikri 2 apartment buildings and the Tivoli development project buildings. Its above-ground building volume is solved as a single building, the size of which follows a scale similar to other buildings in this area. The building shares a common parking floor with four apartment buildings located at Kiikri 3 / Pikksilma 2 / Tuukri 23. It is a 5-storey building, the western edge of the 4th floor of which steps back from the façade front, forming spacious roof terraces open to the south / evening sun on the 4th floor.

The volume of Tuukri 25 building is divided in half by surrounding the central staircase hall. In the east, the balconies cover the entire façade. In the west and south, the top floor takes a step back. The entrance niche through the entire façade at the height of the building gives the apartment building a dignified and spectacular first impression.

The main motif of the façade structure of the building is formed by balconies, the tapered front edge of which
together with a wide joint leaves an elegant stripe between the balcony ceiling and the floor of the next floor balcony. It dominates the longitudinal façade as a composition of the fine white line frame of the balconies, which visually opens up the building. The balconies are complemented by a calm, dark and closed northern wall surface with very few windows.
The representative entrance façade facing Tuukri Street is bisected by the vertical glazed end wall of the staircase hall at the height of the entire building. To the right of this is the façade pattern of the open balconies and to the left is a calm closed natural stone wall, which at the top leans above the entrance as an awning covering the entire building.

The façade surfaces of the ground floor and those without balconies are covered with a horizontal burnt surface and a free-length dark granite slab. The back wall of the balconies is covered with vertical boards of dark heat-treated ash. A white composite board is used to finish the sides and ceilings of the balconies, which frames the edges of the balcony also on the outside. The exterior balcony railings are made of glass.