107 apartments and 5 commercial spaces
| 13 400 m
2018 | 2020


“When designing the Toom-Kuninga 15 apartment building, the maintenance of the existing human-dimensional street space and distinctive building volumes were of key importance.

The high- and low-lying green zone between the street and the buildings provides a pleasant and park-like atmosphere upon entering the residential area. The cafés and commercial premises on the ground floor create an urban-style living environment and offer essential services.

Through the use of different materials, the sizeable building is divided into multiple contextually harmonious parts that appear as separate buildings. The lower parts of the building harmonise with the historic residential buildings across the street, while the higher levels sit back on the rear side of the property.

Concrete is used as the dominant exterior finishing material – its various finishing techniques create a visual diversity and add a subtle level of detail. Sections of rust-coloured concrete add an accent to the black and white concrete. Meanwhile, dark metal details give character to the façade.”

– Ott Kadarik.

Kadarik, Tüür. Arhitektid