production building with office block | 17 466 m2
2020 | 2021


The ground plan of the wind turbine full cycle plant rising in Kohtla-Järve Industrial Park is rectangular; a smaller rectangular office block has also been added to it. The main entrance part of the office block is articulated in both finishing and the details – the rhythm of both the facade tiles and windows changes. Larger glass surfaces dominate the entrance and the office part, framed by greenish-gray facade panels. The calmer gray background of the administrative building, which is brighter in rhythm and colour, is formed by the SW panel façade of the production building.

The three floors of the administrative building are divided into a lobby with a wardrobe, a dining room and dressing and wash rooms, office rooms on several floors, technical rooms, toilets and rest rooms. The production building is a 1-storey building in its whole volume. In addition, a small household unit is located in the production building.

The factory will employ up to 300 people in the future.