104 apartment and 5 commercial spaces | 16 053 m2
2017 | 2019


The building volume of Kiikri residences bordering Kadriorg Park on the one hand and Pirita Promenade on the other is divided into three separate buildings – A, B and C, each forming a separate construction phase. There is a joint underground car park under all three buildings.

The façade structure of the building is formed from balconies, the tapered front edge of which together with a wide joint leaves an elegant stripe between the balcony ceiling and the floor of the next floor balcony. The exterior finish is dominated by the composition of the fine white line frame of the balconies of the longitudinal façade, which has the effect of opening the building up from the sides. This is complemented by calmer and darker closed end walls with few window surfaces.

The openings of the balconies are partially covered with glass shielding on rails, which can be open and closed to protect the balcony furniture from the sun and weather as required. This creates an organic and variable additional layer on the façade. The façade surfaces of the ground floor and those without balconies are covered with a horizontal free-length granite slab. The back wall of the balconies is covered with wide dark vertical heat-treated ash boards, the floor with wooden-plastic boards in the same colour. A white composite board is used to finish the sides and ceilings of the balconies, which frames the edges of the balcony also on the outside. The exterior balcony railings are made of glass.